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The KimDrum Effect: How One Young Prodigy is Inspiring a Generation of Drummers


At just 16 years old, Kimdrum (née Kim Jones) has already accomplished more than many musicians could dream of in a lifetime. With over 2 million followers across social media, hit instructional videos, major endorsements and a packed tour schedule, the Atlanta native has quickly become one of the most influential drummers of his generation.

“I’ve been obsessed with drumming since I was 3 years old banging on pots and pans,” Kimdrum says with an infectious smile. “My parents got me my first real drum kit for my 5th birthday and I just never stopped playing from that point on.”

What started as endless hours spent mimicking his favorite players turned into a viral online presence after Kimdrum’s father started posting clips of his son’s jaw-dropping skills to social media. Videos of the preteen masterfully executing challenging rudiments and covers of popular songs racked up millions of views seemingly overnight.

“I was honestly just making the videos to try and get better by watching myself critically,” the prodigy drummer admits. “The fact that they connected with so many other drummers around the world was totally unexpected but really motivated me to get even more creative.”

Innovation has become a trademark of the KimDrum brand. From pioneering new hybrid techniques blending traditional grip with match grip, to his signature ambidextrous, multi-pedal setups, Kimdrum is constantly pushing the boundaries of modern drumming. Yet it’s his youthful energy, humility and encouragement that have truly inspired legions of fans and students globally.

“He’s living proof that putting in the dedicated practice and being passionate about your craft can make incredible things happen at any age,” notes renowned drummer and KimDrum mentor, Chris Pennie. “Kim makes drumming look as fun as it is hard, which is hugely influential for kids.”

Indeed, with hundreds of thousands enrolled in his online lessons, animating his own instructional book series, and a grueling touring schedule, the “KimDrum Effect” is very real. Young drummers everywhere are being motivated to chase their musical dreams with purpose and joy – one paradiddle at a time.

“My biggest goal is just to inspire drummers of all ages to find their own unique voice,” Kimdrum shares. “If I can help make the drums more popular and accessible, then I’ll have really left my mark on this instrument I love so much.”

With talent, creativity and wisdom well beyond his years, it’s clear that the KimDrum phenomenon is just the beginning of an era-defining career still to unfold. And the drumming world couldn’t be more excited to watch where this humble young visionary takes them next.



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