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Redeemed Releases Powerful New Album “Testimony” – A Musical Journey of Faith

For years, gospel singer/songwriter Redeemed (born Jasmine Williams) has used her incredible voice and poignant lyrics to testify about God’s grace. Her latest studio album “Testimony” takes that mission to powerful new heights through a collection of uplifting, soul-stirring tracks detailing her walk with Christ.

Released on March 8th, “Testimony” is a rallying cry for believers kicked off by the edgy, anthemic lead single “Overcomer.” With its thunderous beats and Redeemed’s signature vocals soaring over driving guitars, the song issues a challenge to spiritual complacency: “If you’re still breathing, that’s reason enough to overcome!”

“So much of what I’ve walked through is reflected in these songs,” explains Redeemed. “From battling addiction and depression to finally finding unshakable freedom in my identity in Christ – that’s the testimony I want this album to proclaim.”

While early fans discoveries Redeemed through viral videos showcasing her work leading powerful praise and worship, “Testimony” introduces her skills as a well-rounded artist and storyteller. The plaintive “Shepherd Me” paints vivid scenes of God patiently guiding her through life’s darkest valleys, while the Latin-influenced “Renuevame” celebrates joyful spiritual rebirth.

Redeemed isn’t afraid to get vulnerable either, with the stripped-down piano ballad “Refiner” offering a transparent glimpse into periods of struggling with unforgiveness. However, the mood quickly transitions into a rapturous, hand-clapping celebratory vibe on tracks like “Walking Testimony” that serves as a reminder of the victorious life that awaits those who submit to the Refiner’s purifying work.

Rounded out by guest vocals from gospel legends Tasha Cobbs-Leonard and Fred Hammond, as well as her signature lush, chilled-out spin on the classic “Amazing Grace,” “Testimony” feels like a multi-dimensional tour through many aspects of the Christian walk. And at every stop, Redeemed makes it clear that she has emerged more confident and steadfast no matter life’s trials or triumphs.

“I spent so many years of my life begging God to remove me from hard circumstances,” she reflects. “But now I’m finally able to appreciate that those were the testimonies He was carefully crafting all along – not to stop the storm, but to showcase His power through it.”

With “Testimony” already shooting up gospel charts and drawing widespread critical acclaim, that powerful message of unshakable hope and truth is clearly resonating. For every person who has longed for an anthem to overcome their own struggles, this album is an uplifting reminder that the most inspiring testimonies are still waiting to be written.



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