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A Reason To Believe: Sharon’s Journey of Faith Through Tragedy


When Sharon Williams received the devastating news that her teenage son had been killed in a car accident, her world shattered. The anguish of losing a child in such a sudden, tragic way left her questioning everything – including her own faith.

“I was angry at first,” Sharon recalls through tears. “I couldn’t understand how a loving God could let this happen to my family. We had prayed for Justin’s safety every single day.”

In the darkness of grief, the glimmer of faith that had guided Sharon’s life since childhood grew harder to hold onto. She stopped attending church, no longer finding comfort in Scripture. Depression and doubt consumed her as she struggled to make sense of Justin’s senseless death.

Yet in this spiritual abyss, God had not abandoned Sharon. Small but significant reminders of His presence remained – a cherished Bible verse appearing on a billboard, a kind word from a friend who had endured similar pain, her grandson asking innocent questions about Heaven.

“Those little winks from God were like life preservers keeping me afloat during my lowest times,” Sharon explains. “They showed me that even if I couldn’t understand His plan, I needed to get back to trusting in His unfailing love.”

Slowly, Sharon began to heal and rediscover the deep well of faith within herself. She realized that although Justin’s life was cut short tragically, his strong belief could still inspire others through her witness. She found new purpose advocating for young drivers’ safety and sharing her testimony wherever she could.

“I don’t have all the answers, but my faith is now stronger because it was tested by fire,” Sharon states with resilient peace. “If sharing our family’s story of loss and renewal can help even one person hold onto hope, then every tear was worth it.”

Today, memorial services for Justin are filled with mourners and celebrants alike as Sharon openly discusses how embracing God’s plan allowed light to overcome the unbearable darkness. Her supernatural courage in the face of immense sorrow is a true inspiration of perseverance, faith, and finding reason to believe.



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