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A New Spiritual Light Shines in Indiana: Church of Prophecy Celebrates Grand Opening


March 11, 2024 marked a momentous day for the faithful in Fort Wayne, Indiana as the brand new Church of Prophecy held its grand opening service. After years of planning and preparation, the congregation finally has a permanent home to spread the Lord’s message and cultivate a passionate community of believers.

Church of Prophecy was established in 2020 by Pastor Matthew Collins, who felt called to create a new ministry focused on deep study of biblical prophecy and its relevance for modern daily life. What began as a small Bible study quickly grew into a thriving church plant as Collins’ teachings resonated with spiritual seekers across Fort Wayne.

“From the very beginning, our mission was to dive headfirst into the prophetic scriptures and understand how they reveal God’s amazing plan for humanity,” said Pastor Collins. “We want to empower people with the wisdom found in prophecy so they can walk securely in their faith no matter what the future holds.”

For the first four years, Church of Prophecy rented various temporary spaces to host services and programs. But as the ministry rapidly expanded, a dedicated facility became critical to accommodate the growing flock. An ambitious $5.2 million fundraising campaign kicked off in 2022, with church members and supporters banding together to turn their permanent home vision into reality.

The new 38,000 square foot building is a striking, modern structure featuring soaring ceilings, ample classroom space and a 600-seat sanctuary with state-of-the-art audiovisual capabilities. Yet the tasteful design maintains a welcoming atmosphere with warm wood tones, ample natural light and dedicated quiet spaces for prayer and reflection.

“This church is truly a beacon for all who are seeking deeper insights into God’s words and peace about what lies ahead,” explained project manager and church elder Sharice Bowen. “From the architecture down to the children’s areas, every element creates an environment of spiritual discovery.”

The dedication ceremony commenced with a procession of local religious leaders, a ribbon-cutting and several rousing performances from the Church of Prophecy choir and musicians. An overflowing crowd then experienced Pastor Collins’ inspiring vision-casting sermon for the new era of ministry.

As Indiana’s newest house of worship officially took its place, the Church of Prophecy’s core message rang clear: embrace biblical prophecy not with fear or trepidation, but with awe over God’s infinite wisdom. By diligently studying His prophetic roadmap, believers can lead lives of hope, perseverance and readiness for wherever He guides them next.



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